Travel consultations at Traversia are all-encompassing sessions about the nitty-gritties of a destination.

We become a part of your journey from the start until you return, because at the end of the day if you are happy, we are happier!

Why is it important?

We often wonder about what’s in store for us on a perfectly planned holiday:

– Would the locals be helpful?

– Where can I find authentic food?

– Is it going to be too crowded, or can I beat the crowd?

– Are there any deals or passes that can help me cut down my costs?

– What’s the local transportation in the place like?

– Are there any offbeat experiences around?

Traversia is here with the answers to all of these questions popping up in your head, and many more, helping you make informed choices.   

What can you expect?

We start right at the time when you are considering taking a trip. Checking what is feasible in terms of climate, budget, duration and interests is the first thing we do. We help you with a list of shortlisted destinations, the final choice of course is yours.

The next step is planning the trip. Each individual is different:

Some might like luxury properties while some might enjoy home stays.

Some might want to lay by the beach and relax while some might want to hike and trek the mountains.

Some might prefer travelling in a group while some might like to explore places themselves.

Some might crave for local experiences while some might want to do all things touristy.

And some might just want the perfect mix of everything.

We lay before our clients a plethora of options on how they wish to craft their ideal holiday. And viola, what results is a well planned vacation, just as you’d like. We pay specific attention to detail while customizing your trip, giving you a guide to what you must, can and not do on your trip, making travel an extremely easy and enjoyable experience.

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