If you love to travel, you’ve landed at the right place 🙂

Breaking through the traditional travel approach, Traversia is a fresh change from your next-door travel agency. We start at counselling you about handpicked destinations, and take you through everything around it. You may choose to book your ideal hand-crafted getaway with us, or find the best deals online – We stand as pillars guiding you at each step to make the right pick!

Featured Deals

We strive hard to curate the best customized packages for you, such that you can explore the place in and out.
Here are some of the best deals that we have to offer.

This is not it, there’s a lot more in store. Get in touch with us and we might just have what you need!

Be a traveller, and not just a tourist.

driven by passionate travellers, traversia aims at making the community aware about soulful travel.

The idea of ‘Traversing Boundaries’ is two-fold:
Geographically across borders to get to your destination, and pushing your limits while you’re out there to realize your capabilities.

After all, the world is your oyster!

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