An Ode to Singapore

You call it beauty, I call it a marvel,
A piece of heaven on Earth!

One of the world’s most well-planned, so far the safest,
Home to picturesque places of man-made brilliance.

Aerial View of Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the bay, an architectural masterpiece,
Flora of the planet encompassed in two beautifully constructed domes,
A world class range off bedecked flowers and world’s longest indoor waterfall,
And its beauty still remaining intact, as it would be if it were outdoors.
To top it all, experience a walk by the clouds, and the Garden Rhapsody every evening,
Where the beauty of lights on the artificially constructed trees, will leave you dreamin’.

Supertree Groves lit up in the evening

The Singapore zoo, a home to the animals in their habitat,
And you as a visitor are watching them from a cabinet!
Have you ever seen a man brushing the teeth of a well grown polar bear?
Here’s your chance to witness the unusual, and much more…
Imagine the most beautiful views of the animals on water as well as land,
At the River Safari and an adventurous Night Safari, at the day’s end.

An Elephant in its habitat at the Singapore Zoo

The Jurong bird park, you name the bird and there it is,
Very well trained, that they even talk to you in five different languages.
Ranging from the size of a nut to a well grown vulture,
The beautiful birds participate in the bird shows of the park,
It’s an experience of a lifetime, admiring the beauty of nature.

Sentosa, the island that’ll leave you in splits,
Where you get to witness the thrills of adventure.
The dim lighted aquariums that are one-of-a-kind,
Rides of Luge and Segway and Bungee and more,
The list is endless, you’ve to be there to experience it all.
What you can’t miss is the ‘Wings of Time’,
The laser show that is truly sublime.

Have a blast with the Minions at Universal Studios

Universal Studios, a part of the Sentosa island,
A roller-coaster ride where every realm gives you a new host of experience.
Caters to all age groups through its themed rides and shows,
Spend a day here and it’ll make you go all ‘wow’.

Marina Bay Sands, with the most brilliant views of Singapore,
Stands tall with unique structure, and a funnier story of its origin.
The architect was playing cards one fine day,
Happened to place two decks adjacent to each other,
And from here originated the brilliant idea of one of the most beautiful buildings of the world.

The Singapore Skyline as seen from the Marina Bay Sands

A tour through the city in itself is a wonder,
With experiences eccentric that’ll keep calling you back to Singapore,
And a part of it will always remain with you all your life!


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